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Autonomous Sprayers

Increasing efficiency, precision, and safety — to better feed a growing world.

Introducing Herbicide GUSS

This is GUSS

GUSS keeps modern ag businesses moving — row after row, field after field, day or night. A single employee can monitor up to 8 GUSS sprayers at a time from the comfort and safety of a pickup truck using a laptop computer.

A solution to labor challenges

A single employee can operate up to eight GUSS sprayers at a time from the comfort and safety of a pickup truck using a laptop computer.

Increase efficiency

Spray orchards more quickly and consistently, using fewer resources and reducing costs by eliminating operator error and downtime.

Ultimate precision

Precisely control application rates and sprayer speeds across entire fields and in variable terrain with GUSS adjustable software parameters.

Enhance safety

GUSS eliminates the chance for operators to be exposed to the materials being applied and reduces the need for personal protective equipment, shade, potable water, etc.

A smart investment

GUSS pays for itself. Most GUSS operators see ROI in one to three years.

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Self-driving technology

GUSS’s navigation system is so easy to set up and use that most growers can be up and running in just a few hours.

Our company

We’ve been in the commercial spray business for more than 40 years. We created GUSS to solve problems and inefficiencies we’ve experienced working with thousands of orchard growers.

GUSS in action

“We absolutely love the machines. We do at least 40-50 acres more per day with a crew of four versus the traditional manpower-driven tractor. The best things are efficiency, safety and precision.”

“A lot of things made us opt for the machines, like efficiency. And labor costs are going sky high, so that was a big factor. There’s less liability and more dependability.”

Ryan Boucher, Blair Ground Services

Authorized GUSS Dealers

We partner with the most trusted dealers in the world. The authorized GUSS dealers are an extension of our team and strive to deliver exceptional service.