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Introducing Herbicide GUSS

Time tested.
Commercially proven.

Herbicide GUSS is built with cutting-edge technology to detect, target and spot spray weeds reducing chemical usage and drift for increased safety for the operator, environment, and food produced.

Herbicide GUSS Autonomous sprayer. 6 feet 4 inches tall, 23 feet 6 inches long, 8 feet 4 inch transport width, 15 feet to 19 feet adjustable width.

Introducing Herbicide GUSS

Nutrien Ag Solutions standing in front of GUSS.

GUSS in action

Thanks to the technology that GUSS Automation provides, we were able to provide additional services for our customers that we were not able to previously. Thanks to the labor and fuel savings this technology provides, we are able to offer an affordable service to our customers. The staff and support the GUSS team provides is top tier and the machines are easy to use. The technology they offer will continue to revolutionize the marketplace and allow all of us to run a more efficient business for our customers.”

David Miller, Nutrien Ag Solutions

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