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Time tested.
Commercially proven.

Our new state-of-the-art headquarters and service hub is located in Kingsburg, California — the center of California’s agricultural San Joaquin Valley.

Patented autonomous technology

GUSS uses a sophisticated combination of GPS, LiDAR, vehicle sensors, and proprietary software to move through orchards without an onboard operator.

New use cases. New challenges.

Recent advances have made GPS technology incredibly accurate, but it still doesn’t work well under tree canopies — where GUSS spends much of its time. We developed several additional technologies, vehicle sensors, and software to supplement GPS and guide GUSS safely and efficiently through orchards.

GUSS Safety Vest

Safety is a priority. When crew members wear the GUSS safety vest in the proximity of GUSS, the GUSS driving mechanics are disabled and will not start until the crewmember is clear of the area surrounding the vehicle.

Select Spray

Increase precision and efficiency as well as lower material costs. Select Spray detects the desired tree and sprays the specific amount of material needed to properly cover every tree, regardless of height or canopy size. This reduces material usage as well as material drift during application.

How do we set it up?

Setting up GUSS is so easy that your existing workforce can learn to operate GUSS in a matter of hours.
Symbol of mapping fields.

Map fields

Building a field map is a fast and easy process that can be done in the office. Then, complete the process with a quick on-farm visual check to “ground truth” the map. That’s it. The map can be saved and used for the life of the orchard.

Configure sprayers

GUSS sprayers must then be configured for the application they are to perform. Determine which spray nozzles to use and then configure GUSS’s software to set vehicle speed, engine RPM, pump pressure, material flow rate, and rows per refill.
Symbol of assigning routes.

Assign routes

Lastly, assign a route to each sprayer to identify which rows it will spray. Our user interface includes a route generator tool to make this process fast and fail-safe.
GUSS spraying in orchard.
GUSS laptop monitoring.


A single operator can monitor up to 8 GUSS sprayers at a time from the comfort and safety of a pickup truck using a laptop computer. Our user interface provides operators with important sprayer information (position, spray rate, speed, etc.) in real time.


In the event that an issue is detected onboard a sprayer, our interface automatically sends both visual and audible alerts to the operator directing his attention to the exact problem so he can take quick corrective action.

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